Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Cleaning up our act: global standards for the export and import of fuels and used cars

9:30 (GMT +4)

Benelux Pavilion

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim speaks at this event that explores the progress being made to come to develop standards for the export and import of fuels and vehicles. How can stakeholders momentum towards the 6th meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly in spring of 2024? How can countries in the global south can be supported in the implementation of these standards and what is the possible role of the World Bank and the multilateral development banks in this?  

At this meeting, the ITF launches its latest report "New but Used: The Electric Vehicle Transition's Impact on Emerging Economies' Second-hand Car Markets". This ITF Corporate Partnership report examines how the global transition to electric vehicles impacts the flows of second-hand vehicles to emerging economies. As the rich world accelerates its transition to electric vehicles, it is unclear what will happen to them at their end-of-life and in what condition they may be exported to emerging economies. In parallel, the increasing unpopularity of conventional combustion-engine cars in the developed world risks causing a flood of unwanted and degraded exported vehicles to emerging economies. Read the report.

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