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Transport and Climate Change Conference: Creating Confidence in the Feasibility of Change

22 January 2020

The Conference, organised by Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is...

IRU World Congress 2020: Intelligence on the Move Transforming Road Transport, Mobility and Logistics

28 January 2020

Young Tae Kim (ITF Secretary-General) provides a keynote address. The Congress brings together...

Container Trade Europe

17 September 2019

Olaf Merk, Administrator, Ports and Shipping at ITF will speak on EU Maritime Regulations: Are we...

Innotrans 2020

9 September 2019

Uncertainty in Long-term Service Contracts

13 August 2019

This paper examines the effects of risk and uncertainty in public transport contracts for rail...

IRTAD Meeting

28 October 2019