Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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United Kingdom

Whither High-Speed Rail: Transport Statistics Users Group Meeting

27 August 2020

Stephen Perkins, Head of Research and Policy Analysis at ITF, makes a presentation on the value and...

Enabling Better Infrastructure. Launch of global online resource hub.

27 August 2020

The hub will be simultaneously launched in London, Pretoria, Melbourne, and Singapore, with follow...

EV Uptake in the Transport Fleet: Consumer Choice, Policy Incentives, and Consumer-Centric Business Models

27 August 2020

This is the third Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Mobility Workshop. The context for this year’...

Enabling Better Infrastructure Steering Group Meeting

27 August 2020

Jagoda Egeland, Project Manager, Aviation and Infrastructure at ITF will participate in the meeting...

Department for Transport International Road Safety Conference

27 August 2020

The International Road Safety Conference will bring together Ministers, road safety experts and...