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Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Dublin

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This report analyses Dublin’s attractiveness as a cruise port and assesses the impacts of cruise shipping on the city. It evaluates policies in place and provides recommendations to increase the positive impacts of cruise shipping for the city of Dublin. Over the last decade, Dublin has grown as an important port of call for cruises in Northern Europe. Cruise tourism generates significant economic benefits for the city of Dublin. The value cruise tourism brings could be further increased by developing Dublin into a cruise home port, that is a port from which cruises start and where they end. Under which conditions could this be achieved? Which policy measures would be needed? Which stakeholders would need to be involved? 

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Policy Insights

  • Implement the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project.
  • Develop a joint cruise strategy for the whole city.
  • Better exploit Dublin’s asset as potential home port.
  • Resolve constraints related to cruise passenger flows.
  • Develop a green cruise port policy.

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