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Data-led Governance of Road Freight Transport

A new study released by the International Transport Forum (ITF) examines ways to improve compliance with road freight transport regulations through the use of new data sources and technical solutions.

Initiated by the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board (CPB), the report also reviews possibilities for new approaches to the broader governance of road freight as the availability of Big Data in transport facilitates more data-driven policy making with more targeted and flexible regulatory frameworks as well as more efficient enforcement mechanisms.

While clear potential for data-driven approaches to regulating and enforcing road freight transport can be identified, a number of specific challenges still need to be overcome to allow their widespread implementation. Internationally, the uniform level of readiness for implementation of technologies, policy approaches and economic development does not currently exist, requiring a two-tier system to provide minimum functionalities or even a specific separate system for those less technologically advanced.

The report recommends to:

  • Use currently available data within existing frameworks.
  • Consider a completely new data-driven regulatory approach.
  • Investigate the best uses of new technologies, systems, and data science.
  • Investigate applicability of wider and less-structured big data sets.
  • Consider impacts of automation of road freight vehicles. 

Download the CPB report “Data-led Governance of Road Freight Transport”

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