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Decarbonising Morocco’s Transport System

Charting the Way Forward
Decarbonising Morocco’s Transport System

This paper reviews opportunities and challenges for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from Morocco’s transport sector. It provides an overview of the transport system and reviews the country’s existing policies and future plans for reducing CO2 emissions from transport. The paper also provides an overview of the data on transport activity and emissions available for Morocco, and the tools used by government agencies for assessing them. Finally, it proposes options for further action in the context of ITF’s “Decarbonising Transport in Emerging Economies” (DTEE) project.

This is the initial scoping paper for Morocco within the ITF “Decarbonising Transport in Emerging Economies” project, funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

En français : Décarboner les Transports au Maroc : Quelques Pistes pour l’Avenir

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This paper is part of the Decarbonising Transport initiative


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