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Decarbonising Road Freight Transport Workshop

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This event was part of the Road Freight work stream of the ITF-led Decarbonising Transport Initiative. The initiative aims to identify and promote policies which are both cost-effective in mitigating the climate change impact of road freight activities and which improve the sector’s operational efficiency. The workshop brought together more than 50 participants from different parts of the world and diverse backgrounds with an interest in clean and sustainable road freight: government officials, energy companies, vehicle manufacturers, shippers, logistic suppliers, academia, research centers, professional organisations and representatives from international organisations.

The workshop’s objective was to gather initial evidence on the cost-effectiveness of different decarbonising measures and their policy implications. These measures included changes to logistics, alternative fuels and improvements to vehicle efficiency. Participants also explored the impacts of intelligent systems, the role of infrastructure and how emerging market trends and disruptive technologies might shape the sector. The following questions guided the discussions: Are the envisaged measures feasible? How much will they impact emissions? When, and with what adoption rate? In which sectors (urban, regional, long-haul) and regions? Which policies need to be put in place to remove obstacles?

The conclusions of the workshop will be summarised in a report to be publihed in November 2018 (Subscribe to ITF publication alerts to receive notification). The conclusions will also serve as inputs to the ITF modelling work on freight transport and inform the decarbonising scenarios that ITF is currently building. 

Detailed workshop agenda | Photos from the workshop

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