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ITF holds second High-level Dialogue on Transport in Latin America and the Caribbean

The International Transport Forum and the Government of Argentina are jointly organising the second High-level Dialogue on Transport in Latin America and the Caribbean on 18 April 2023 in Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires.

Ministers with responsibility for transport from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica and Uruguay will attend the Dialogue.

High-level representatives of the Latin-American Development Bank (CAF), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation will also be present. The International Transport Forum will be represented by Secretary-General Young Tae Kim.

A media briefing for journalists will be held on Tuesday, 18 April at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, Sarmiento 151, C1041 Caba, after the group photo at 16:15 (Buenos Aires time). Please contact Camilo PABÓN (number below) for details.  

The sessions of the High-level Dialogue will address key questions for improving the mobility for citizens and regional connectivity for businesses, namely:

  1. Urban mobility for social inclusion
    How can national authorities support urban passenger transport to make it more inclusive and sustainable?

  2. Freight transport for regional development
    How can multimodal transport in the region increase the competitiveness of exports in Latin America and the Caribbean? How can authorities foster multimodal transport across the region?

  3. Inland waterways for regional integration
    What is the role of inland waterways in improving freight and passenger flows in the region? How can national authorities promote transport via rivers and canals? How can this mode be introduced to interregional supply chains?

A fourth session will explore collaboration between Latin America and Caribbean nations and the International Transport Forum for better transport. How can the ITF contribute towards improving transport policies in countries of the Latin American and the Caribbean region? And what is the role of Latin America and the Caribbean in moving forward the more global transport dialogue?

Through its High-level Dialogues, the ITF provides fora to discuss transport-related issues of interest on specific topics or in specific world regions. The high-level conferences complement the global dialogue for better transport at the ITF's Annual Summits, the world's premier transport policy event.

ITF High-level Dialogues have so far been held on Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and on regional issues in Latin America and Asia. The first High-level Dialogue on Transport in Latin America and the Caribbean was held in March 2022 in Cartagena jointly with the government of Colombia.

Media contacts:

On-site contact during the event:
Camilo PABÓN, Advisor 
+57 310 305 9390

ITF Headquarters:
Michael KLOTH, Head of Communications 
+33 6 15 95 03 27
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