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Lifecycle Assessment of Emerging Urban Transport Business Models

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The transport and mobility ecosystem is rapidly changing but much remains unknown about what these changes may mean in terms of delivering better outcomes. More choices and a more diverse ecosystem of transport options will most likely improve people’s welfare – but what can be said about societal welfare? Understanding what these changes may mean in terms of impacting resource use, energy efficiency, energy diversification, local air quality and climate outcomes is of paramount importance to inform public policy. The ITF project will help to assess the full lifecycle impacts imacts of selected emerging urban transport business models and technologies that are bound to transform the mobility landscape. The assessment will, at this stage, only look to passenger urban transport models and not freight. Part of this assessment will look at the efficiency and CO2 impacts of various energy production and delivery pathways. It will also help to chart out where existing life cycle assessment (LCA) approaches, methodologies and assumptions will have to be adapted to account for emerging urban transport business models.

This Workshop is the kick-off meeting of the project.


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The Importance of Infrastructure in Transport LCA and how to Consider it.  Anne de Bortoli, University of Patras, Greece.

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