Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Measuring New Mobility: Definitions, Indicators, Data Collection

This report proposes a comprehensive classification of “New Mobility” services and vehicles that are changing the way people travel. It also identifies performance indicators to help set the right policies as New Mobility evolves. It sets out a framework to systematically collect and compare New Mobility-related data. Finally, the report examines how governments and private stakeholders can collaborate to improve their understanding of New Mobility and determine if and where policy interventions are needed.

This report presents research from the ITF Mobility Innovation Hub. Click here for more information about the hub.


Policy Insights

  • Apply a comprehensive classification of New Mobility services and vehicles.
  • Identify relevant performance indicators for New Mobility services and use them to set and monitor policy.
  • Adopt a consistent reporting framework for data on New Mobility services.

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