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Monitoring Progress in Urban Road Safety: 2022 Update

This report tracks the progress in reducing the number of road traffic fatalities and serious injuries in cities between 2010 and 2020. It presents traffic safety data collected in 32 cities participating in the ITF Safer City Streets network and compares trends in urban and national road safety. It provides indicators for the risk of traffic death for different road user groups that permits benchmarking of road safety outcomes.

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Policy Insights

  • Ensure consistent collection of reliable urban road safety data.
  • Create urban traffic observatories that collect both general mobility data and road safety data.
  • Set ambitious reduction targets for the number of traffic crash casualties in cities.
  • Focus on protecting vulnerable road users on urban streets.
  • Measure crash risks for vulnerable road users with appropriate indicators.
  • Adopt an integrated urban mobility plan based on Safe System principles.

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