Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Discussion Paper

Use of Mobile Telecommunication Data in Transport Modelling

11 January 2021

Transport planners see an opportunity in mobile phone data to better map trip destinations and...

A Review of Public Transport Policies in Remote Communities in Chile

7 January 2021

This report looks at the policies and programmes Chile has been putting in place over the past few...

Transport Connectivity for Remote Communities in Scotland

16 December 2020

This report looks at the transport challenges for remote areas in Scotland. It does so by examining...

Comparing Road and Rail Investment in Cost-Benefit Analysis

16 December 2020

This paper examines whether the results of cost-benefit analyses (CBA) for road and rail projects...

Dimensions of Accessibility Benefits

28 November 2020

This paper addresses the problem of involuntary social exclusion resulting from mobility...

Measuring Accessibility

23 November 2020

This paper discusses the current state of transport accessibility measurement. It demonstrates that...

A People-Centred Approach to Accessibility

29 November 2020

This paper discusses two variants of the accessibility paradigm for transport planning. The...

The Accessibility Shift

29 November 2020

This paper explores conceptual barriers to shifting the foundation of transport planning from...

Accessibility and Transport Appraisal

29 November 2020

This paper describes the different approaches to measuring accessibility benefits and the...

Commercial Navigation Along the Northern Sea Route

13 November 2020

This report assesses the business case for commercial navigation through Arctic waters along the...