Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Discussion Paper

Scooters Are Here, But Where Do They Go?

17 March 2021

This paper examines how 37 US cities regulate scooter parking. It analyses rates of improper...

Temporal Issues in Strategic Infrastructure Planning

26 February 2021

This paper considers the temporal dimensions of strategic infrastructure planning. Planning...

Good Practice Public Transport Concessions: the Cases of London and Melbourne

9 February 2021

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The Experience of Reforming Bus Concessions in Santiago de Chile

6 April 2021

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Inferring Modal Split from Mobile Phones

27 January 2021

This paper describes methods to identify trip details, including the mode of transport for each...

Benefits of Cellular Telecommunication and Smart Card Data for Travel Behaviour Analysis

27 January 2021

This paper proposes the estimation of trip origin-destination matrices using big data through two...

Use of Big Data in Transport Modelling

27 January 2021

This paper guides transport planners in making the best use of mobile phone traces, derived either...

Northern and Arctic Air Connectivity in Canada

22 January 2021

This paper examines explicit northern and Arctic connectivity policies in Canada, recognising the...

Applying the Island Transport Equivalent to the Greek Islands

19 January 2021

This report looks at the need for Greece to redesign its inter-island transport system to make it...

Use of Mobile Telecommunication Data in Transport Modelling

27 January 2021

Transport planners see an opportunity in mobile phone data to better map trip destinations and...