Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Broadening the Scope of Transport Appraisal to Capture the Full Impact of Investments Roundtable

Conclusions of ITF work on Strategic Infrastructure Planning and the Challenge for AppraisalPresentation by Tom Worsley (University of Leeds), 29 September 2021
Accounting for Equity in Transport PlanningPresentation by Yoram Shiftan (Israel Institute of Technology), Nir Sharav (Associates & NS) and Karel Martens (Technion), 29 September 2021
Broadening Appraisal to Incorporate Consideration of Gender ImpactsPresentation by Floridea Di Ciommo (cambiaMO), 29 September 2021
Analysis of the System of Transport Appraisal Implemented in France and some Methodological InnovationsPresentation by Alain Bonnafous (University of Lyon), 29 September 2021
Norwegian Perspectives on Ex Post EvaluationPresentation by Morten Welde (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), 29 September 2021
Ex Post Evaluation and Relevance to Decision-makingPresentation by Morten Skou Nicolaisen (City of Aarhus), 29 September 2021
Broadening Quantitative Appraisal in Transportation Decision Making Processes Through Effective Stakeholder EngagementPresentation by Ennio Cascetta (University of Naples “Federico II”), 29 September 2021