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Safer City Streets: Methodology for Developing the Database and Network

In 2016, the International Transport Forum is launching a project called “Safer City Streets”, for cities to better collaborate in relation to road safety data collection and analysis. A database for crash data is a key part of this project and will facilitate the monitoring and benchmarking of road safety performance in and across world cities. In the elaboration of the Safer City Streets network and database, the International Transport Forum (ITF) is building on the experience acquired through its permanent working group on road safety, known as IRTAD.

This document proposes a methodological framework to deliver the “Safer City Streets” project. The document is for discussion with experts interested in the development of the project. This document was commissioned by the ITF and prepared by George Yannis, Eleonora Papadimitriou and Katerina Folla, from the National Technical University of Athens.

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