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GAD World

5 October 2017

Jagoda Egeland, Economist at ITF, is a panellist in the "Holistic approaches to maximising and...

To Allocate Slots or Not: That is the question

13 September 2017

Based on a non-parametric, structural equation modelling framework, this paper compares a set of...

Influencing Air Connectivity Outcomes

13 September 2017

The aviation network plays an important role in today’s globalised society. There is a growing...

Alternative Solutions to Airport Saturation: Simulation Models applied to congested airports

9 August 2018

This paper explores several methods for coping with excess demand at airports through applying...

Infrastructure for Commercial Vehicle Safety

17 January 2019

 While there is increasing information on commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety systems, truck...

Inland Transport Infrastructure Investment on the Rise

31 July 2017

After nearly five years of a downward trend in inland transport infrastructure spending, 2015...

Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Piraeus

14 November 2017

[caption align="right"][[{"fid":"17314","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","...