Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Supporting Event for UN General Assembly High-level Meeting on Improving Global Road Safety

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim joins virtually to speak in the first panel.

The meeting is convened by the President of the General Assembly with support from WHO and the UN Regional Commissions and is carried out in hybrid format and organised from the UN Headquarters in New York.

This supporting event provides an opportunity to identify strategies for securing short- and long-term sustainable sources of financing for the implementation of the Second Decade of Action and key actions recommended in the Global Plan, as well as to discuss the roles and contributions of diverse stakeholders in the implementation of the Global Plan. The outcomes of these deliberations will be shared and taken forward to the HLM on Road Safety in 2022.

The supporting event for the high-level meeting on road safety provides the international community with an important opportunity to take stock of progress, identify bottlenecks, mobilise all stakeholders, recommit to actions on promoting road safety at all level, to lay a solid foundation for the successful convening of the high-level meeting on road safety.

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