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The future of sustainable mobility in Australia’s rural and urban periphery

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

A Webinar organised by the ITF Working Group on Innovative Mobility for the Periphery will showcase and discuss approaches taken in Australia to better connect citizens with services, economic opportunities and social activities.

The Transport futures project of the Cooperative Research Centre-for Remote Economic Participation studied how transport systems are organised in remote Australia and looked at several alternative strategies and technical innovations to improve transport for remote communities and social and business enterprises in the next 50 years. The findings are being used to inform policymakers, industry stakeholders and community members.

The presentation will showcase the current situation of Australian transport in both rural and urban peripheral contexts as well as some landmark innovations specific to the outback and new transformative opportunities for sustainable transport.

Liftango develops technology for a dynamically routed system based on real-time passenger demand. The system is adapted to different geographies, population densities and citizen behaviours around the globe. Starting out in Australia, Liftango now operates across North America, with recent projects in Europe.

Liftango will present findings from long running projects across Australia and the globe, including insights from running on-demand buses in both rural areas and higher density areas, alongside providing Community Transport trips for sick, elderly and disabled passengers. The presentation will also discuss innovative government policies that supported the implementation of these services, such as procurement.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion. Participants can raise their hand or ask questions via the Q&A box. The presentations and recording will be available after the webinar.

13:00 (Paris) | 20:00 (Tokyo) | 21:00 (Melbourne)



  • Dr Bruno Spandonide, Senior Strategic Transport Planner, Victoria Department of Transport, Australia
  • Kevin Orr, CEO, Liftango


  • Lucie Kirstein, International Transport Forum at the OECD

This is the fourth webinar on mobility innovations for members of the Innovative Mobility for the Periphery Working Group. Contact the Group for information on attending. 

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