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Benefiting from Globalisation

10 May 2017

Transport is at the heart of globalisation, indeed the term would be meaningless without the...

Terrorism and International Transport: Towards Risk-based Security Policy

10 May 2017

Security is critical to transport systems as they are often appealing targets for terrorist attacks...

Competitive Interaction between Airports, Airlines and High-Speed Rail

29 January 2018

How should airports be regulated to contain market power? This report first examines whether they...

Concurrence et interactions entre aéroports, services de transports aériens et ferroviaires

10 May 2017

Comment réglementer les aéroports de façon à limiter leur pouvoir de marché ? Ce rapport part du...

2013 Summit Highlights: Session Summaries

10 May 2017

Demand for mobility around the globe is growing rapidly. Motorisation in emerging economies...