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Drones in the Transport System: Acceptability and Integration

6 May 2019

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Drones in the Transport System. 1st Working Group Meeting

12 December 2018

This workshop marks the launch of a new ITF Working Group on Drones in the Transport System ...

World Aviation Conference 2018

31 October 2018

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met with the President of Inchon Airport Authorities - an ITF...

Liberalisation of Air Transport

4 July 2019

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Bringing us together: the sky’s the limit

4 September 2019

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Government Support Measures for Domestic Air Connectivity

4 September 2019

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8th European Aviation Conference: Air Ownership and Privatisation in Aviation

30 October 2018

Jagoda Egeland will organise and moderate the special ITF session on the competition and efficiency...

European Aviation Summit

7 September 2018

Jagoda Egeland to participate in an expert panel on aviation liberalisation. Other panellists...

Briefing for European aviation stakeholders

20 July 2018

ITF’s recent work on aviation was the focus of an ITF presentation during the triennial plenary...