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Walking and Cycling

Cycling Safety Roundtable

17 October 2018

In Cycling, Health and Safety, the ITF describes the positive public health impacts of cycling...

Access and Safety in European Cities

1 March 2019

[caption align="right"][/caption]This project aims to provide a better understanding of the role of...

Workshop on Improving Transport Planning and Investment Through the Use of Accessibility Indices

13 November 2017

This Workshop will bring together a range of stakeholders and experts to share their experiences in...

Velo-city 2018

29 August 2017

Cycling Safety Roundtable

20 July 2018

Go to the Roundtable report and presentationsIn Cycling, Health and Safety, the ITF describes the...

Synergies from Improved Cycling-Transit Integration

16 August 2017

Improved integration of cycling and transit has the potential to overcome the fundamental...