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Transport Data Dashboard

About the Dashboard

The Transport Data Dashboard allows you to compare countries across six dimensions. You can decide which dimensions you want to include and how important each one is by assigning individual weights. Setting the weight to zero excludes that indicator. You can also select which countries you want to include.

The six dimensions that make up the Transport Data Dashboard are:

  1. Infrastructure: reflects the physical structures that enable transport activity. Draws on data for 15 different indicators on infrastructure for land, air and waterborne transport.
  2. Capacity: reflects how much activity the transport system can handle. It is a compound index consisting of data for 15 indicators covering everything from the seat capacity of airline flights, registrations of motorised two-wheelers and passenger cars to loading capacity of rail freight.
  3. Activity: reflects what is going on. It is a compound of six indicators capturing which transport modes are used to move passengers and freight.
  4. Safety: reflects the risk of being killed in a road crash. Draws on three indicators benchmarking fatalities against distance driven, population size, and the number of road motor vehicles.
  5. Value: reflects the contribution of the transport sector to wealth creation and social welfare. It is a compound index consisting of data for transport's value-added to GDP and employment...
  6. Carbon: reflects the reliance of transport on fossil fuels and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions using six different measures.

You can view the results of your selection in the Country ranking tab, which displays the countries you select in a bar chart, based on the composite score covering the selected and weighted dimensions. You can also toggle the view to alphabetical order.

The Transport Data Dashboard also allows you to visualise more than 90 transport performance indicators in the following tabs:

  • Map view displays the dashboard information in a geospatial view. You can filter by country, year, dimension and indicator. The indicator values display when hovering over a country with the cursor.
  • Graph view displays a timeline and comparative view of an indicator across countries. You can filter by country, year, dimension and indicator.

Read about the methodology underlying the Dashboard

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