Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Will drones revolutionise transport?

Drone technology is a hot topic for transport policy makers. The revolution in land and infrastructure surveys which drones offer can lead to massive cost and risk savings for the transport and construction sectors. We took our latest research findings to the Asian Development Bank's Transport Forum 2018 in Manila, Philippines, from 12-14 September.

ITF continued its long history of collaboration with the bank and related Asian countries over a series of events at the Forum. Katja Schechtner, Advisor on Innovation and Technology, presented the results of our drone research at the “High Technology Training Session” on 14 September. A packed house of participants from Bangladesh to Uzbekistan learnt more on the potential for drones - and digitalisation more generally - to enable better transport planning at a radically reduced cost. There was also significant interest in the use of drones for topographical surveys in politically unstable regions.

At the high-level “Innovative Technologies Plenary Session” (photo), Ms Schechtner reviewed future scenarios around how the convergence of technologies can enable shared, electric and automated transport. The panel discussed how these elements have the potential to alter the transport landscape. 

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