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Youth on the Move: Young People and Transport in the 21st Century

How young people use transport matters for society. Transport connects them to education, work, friends and other opportunities. Mobility patterns of the younger generation also matter for sustainability, economic development, liveability, health and well-being. Yet, young people’s views are rarely factored into transport policy explicitly. This report addresses the gap by reviewing young citizens’ travel patterns and behaviours, identifying their expectations regarding mobility and life opportunities and investigating their mobility-relevant experiences, capabilities and skills. To maximise the potential of youth, it is important that governments, communities, and other stakeholders ensure all young people have access to safe and affordable transport. It is also important to engage young people in the planning and implementation of transport initiatives so that their needs are met.

Download a leaflet summarising the report (PDF). 

Policy Insights

  • Choices and constraints. Young people have different needs, expectations and constraints regarding transport than other age groups. Their mobility choices depend on a combination of socio-economic factors and limited resources.
  • Transport’s future. Young people’s travel behaviour and aspirations could influence how sustainable transport will become in the long run.
  • Give youth a voice. Young people’s views rarely figure in transport policy decisions. Traditional transport planning does not always consider their needs. Involving young people in transport planning and decision-making could better align solutions with the challenges.

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