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5th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting


Summary Record

Meeting Presentations

Agenda Item 3. Transport Infrastructure Investment and Maintenance

3.1 ITF Questionnaire on Transport Infrastructure Spending. Presentation by Ashley Acker, ITF 

Agenda Item 5. Safety for all transport modes

5.1 Overview of the ITF Leipzig Summit 2018 “Transport Safety and Security”. Presentation by Mary Crass, ITF
5.2 Introduction to IRTAD Activities . Presentation by Véronique Feypell, ITF
5.3 Transport Statistics as Exposure Data in Road Safety Analysis.  Alexandre Santacreu, International Transport Forum

Agenda Item 6. Big Data

6.1  Presentation of Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Long Range Identification and Tracking
       US Bureau of Transportation Statistics Applications of Automatic Identification System (AIS)
       Automatic Identification System (AIS): A Canadian Example.  
6.2 Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
      Canada's Use of Geographical Information Systems for Transport.  Statistics Canada
      The Highways Network. United Kingdom    DfT site
6.3 Use of Big Data for Vehicle Kilometres. Central Statistics Office, Cork, Ireland
6.4 Main Findings from the ITF Working Group on Big Data and Open Data. Presentation by Tom Voege, International Transport Forum

Agenda Item 7. Innovation in Transport Measurement. Country Experiences in Transport Measurement 

7.1  Solutions for Future Passenger Mobility Surveys. Sweden
7.2  "My Ways" Mobile Application for Collecting Data on Daily Trips. Statistical Office, Slovenia
7.3   Vehicle-Kilometre Statistics. Turkey

Agenda Item 9. Visualisation Methods. Lightening Talks on Visualisation

9.1 Data Visualisation: A Canadian Example 
9.2 Aviation Data and Tools. ICAO
9.3 Visualisation Methods. Central Statistics Office, Cork, Ireland
9.4 UK Search and Rescue Helicopter Statistics, DfT, UK  

Agenda Item 10. Origin/Destination Transport Surveys
Origin-Destination Transportation Surveys: New Directions in Canada
Malta National Transport Model (NTM). Overview of the Modelling  Framework  
Swedish Commodity Flow Survey(CFS 2016): Methods and General Results

Agenda Item 12. ITF Projects
12.2 ITF Transport Outlook 2019. Presentation by Jari Kauppila, International Transport Forum

Agenda Item 13. International Co-operation

13.2 The Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) in 2017 and 2018. Presentation by Alex Blackburn, Working Party on Transport Statistics, UNECE
13.3 Recent Development in EU Transport Policy. Presentation by Paolo Bolsi, EU DGMOVE
13.4 Statistics at the International Union of Railways (UIC)

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