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Gender Equality, the Pandemic and a Transport Rethink

Gender Equality, the Pandemic and a Transport Rethink - 8 March 2021
Covid-19 disproportionately affects women worldwide. Crisis responses allow a rethink of transport policies to improve gender equality. This will not only reduce the unequal impact of the pandemic on women; the long-term recovery towards more sustainable, resilient and inclusive transport will depend on measures that address the priorities of both women and men. Download the Brief (PDF)


Boosting Post-Pandemic Recovery through Infrastructure Investment

Stimulating Post-Pandemic Recovery through Infrastructure Investment - 3 March 2021
Infrastructure investment is a tried and tested way to successfully stimulate economic activity following a crisis. It raises two important policy questions: how to prioritise projects and what method of project financing to adopt? We explore what works best and how to avoid pitfalls. Download the Brief (PDF)

Lessons from Covid-19 State Support for Maritime Shipping

Lessons from Covid-19 State Support 
for Maritime Shipping - 23 October 2020
State support packages are helping the shipping industry to deal with the Coronavirus crisis. Government support comes in many forms but usually without strings attached ‒ and rarely aligned to broader policy objectives. A rethink is needed. Download the Brief (PDF)

Drones in the Era of Coronavirus

Drones in the Era of Coronavirus
- 19 June 2020
Drones are proving to be versatile and effective tools in the Coronavirus epidemic. Yet with drone regulation still in its infancy, their potential is not fully exploited. Drone deployment in the Covid-19 crisis thus offers a learning opportunity for how airspace regulations could be updated to facilitate their use ─ also beyond emergency response. Download the Brief (PDF)

Restoring air connectivity under policies to mitigate climate change

Restoring Air Connectivity Under Policies to Mitigate Climate Change
 - 20 May 2020
Aviation is one of the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis, with many countries closing their borders and suspending international air travel. Domestic air travel is also curtailed by social distancing, confinement measures, and shrinking economic activity. The 80% global drop in flights has caused severe financial disruption to the aviation sector. Download the Brief (PDF)

How Bad Will the Coronavirus Crisis Hit Global Freight?

How Badly Will the Coronavirus Crisis Hit Global Freight? - 11 May 2020
Mobility restrictions to contain Covid-19 could reduce global freight transport by up to 36% by the end of 2020, according to a simulation by the International Transport Forum. Urban goods transport is more resilient as increased online shopping adds deliveries. CO2 emissions associated with freight fall significantly. Download the Brief (PDF)

Re-spacing Our Cities For Resilience

Re-spacing Our Cities For Resilience
- 3 May 2020
React, reboot and rethink – cities must meet this triple challenge to continue as catalysts for creative social and economic activity despite new health imperatives. Mobility in cities emerging from confinement will be different from what it was before the lockdown. At the crux of their challenge is the way in which limited space will be (re-) allocated. Download the Brief (PDF)Deutsche Fassung (PDF) | Versión en español (PDF)

Global Container Shipping and the Coronavirus Crisis

Global Container Shipping and the 
Coronavirus Crisis - 29 April 2020
As a result of Covid-19, container trade volumes and container port volumes have declined over the first months of 2020. Container freight rates have remained fairly stable because carriers have idle capacity, yet the high debt level of container carriers creates insolvency risks. Any bailouts for the sector should address offloading of risks to the public. Download the Brief (PDF)

Electric Mobility: Taking the Pulse in Times of Coronavirus

Electric Mobility: Taking the Pulse 
in Times of Coronavirus - 27 April 2020
The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the world’s roads continued to grow in 2019. Early data for 2020 show that they will not be exempt from the impact of Covid-19 on the automotive market. But fundamental drivers suggest that the longer-term outlook for the EV market is likely to remain positive ─ if clean mobility remains a policy priority and economic stimulus packages reflect the role of e-mobility as a driver of broader innovation. Download the Brief (PDF)

How Transport Supports the Health System in the Corona Crisis

How Transport Supports the Health 
System in the Corona Crisis - 6 April 2020
The medical professions and their support teams are the front line in the combat against the Coronavirus. The transport sector can support them in many ways – some obvious, others less so. We offer a non-exhaustive compilation of initiatives from around the world. Download the Brief (PDF)

Updates on Covid-19-related Measures in ITF Member Countries

Updates on Covid-19-related Measures in ITF Member Countries

Countries around the world are implementing policy instruments to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. See the latest measures undertaken in ITF member countries.

Covid-19 and Transport: A Compendium

The Compendium provides an overview of the main ITF work streams aimed at assisting our member countries with tackling the Covid-19 crisis in the transport sector. It comprises ITF Covid-19 Transport Briefs, outputs from ITF Covid-19 webinars for ITF member countries, an overview of Covid-19 crisis measures in European road transport and a summary of Covid-19 recovery guidelines developed for freight transport in the ASEAN region.

Download the Compendium (PDF)

Transport in the Face of the Pandemic

By Young Tae Kim, ITF Secretary-General

A global health crisis of the magnitude we are experiencing has not struck the international community for over a century. In this unprecedented crisis, all countries and all areas of our daily life are profoundly affected and in disarray.

No vaccine and no cure for the new disease are known at this point. Scientists everywhere are working around the clock towards a remedy, but it will take time and humankind remains exposed in the meantime.
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