Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Decarbonising Air Transport

Acting Now for the Future

This report provides an overview of technological, operational and policy measures that can accelerate the decarbonisation of aviation. Its goal is to support governments and aviation stakeholders looking to introduce aviation decarbonisation measures regionally, nationally and internationally. All measures are discussed in light of their cost-effectiveness and the potential barriers to their implementation. The report summarises the conclusions from an expert workshop held in February 2020 as part of the International Transport Forum’s Decarbonising Transport initiative. 

This report is part of the Decarbonising Transport initiative

Policy Insights

  • Integrate clear decarbonisation requirements into government support packages helping the sector recover from the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Establish a clear long-term vision for decarbonising air transport by setting and monitoring emissions reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement.
  • Support an international approach to mitigating the climate change impacts of aviation while implementing decarbonisation policies domestically and on a regional level.
  • Introduce carbon pricing in aviation to drive an efficient transition to a greener aviation sector.
  • Put in place timely and ambitious fuel quality requirements to encourage the take up of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks to further energy efficiency improvements of aircraft.
  • Encourage research, development and deployment of alternative propulsion systems and clean fuels, supported by clear policy frameworks for de-risking industry investments to ramp up fuel production.
  • Factor in the non-CO2 climate impacts of air transport when designing decarbonisation policies.

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