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Decarbonising Air Transport Workshop

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Decarbonising Air Transport Workshop family photo

This workshop was part of the ITF-led Decarbonising Transport Initiative. The initiative seeks to help governments and aviation stakeholders translate climate ambitions into actions. The initiative gathers partners from ITF member countries, academia, and industry to track progress and evaluate the contribution of current mitigation measures to reaching CO2 emissions reductions objectives. 

The workshop took place on 24-25 February 2020 at the OECD Headquarters. It brought together over 50 participants from the government sector, aviation industry, civil society, and academia to discuss different options available to policy makers and the industry to decarbonise the air transport sector. The focus of discussions was on CO2 emissions from aircraft, including the carbon footprint of aviation fuels, and airport operations. The aim of the workshop was to further develop the ITF catalogue of measures that policy makers could use to reduce the aviation sector’s carbon footprint. The following aspects of different measures were discussed: CO2 mitigation potential and cost effectiveness, and interaction with other decarbonisation measures for the aviation sector as well as other sectors of the economy. 

The ITF Secretariat will publish a report summarising the conclusions from the workshop by the end of 2020 (subscribe to ITF publication alerts to receive notification).

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