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Life-cycle Assessment of Passenger Transport: An Indian Case Study launch event

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10:30-11:45 CEST | 14:00-15:15 IST 

This study is the first comprehensive, India-specific analysis of urban passenger transport emissions using a life-cycle perspective. The life-cycle assessment (LCA) approach offers insights into how policy choices affect greenhouse gas emissions throughout vehicle and infrastructure development and use. The study uses the ITF Transport Life-cycle Assessment Tool for India to show that Indian cities must prioritise measures that shift private vehicle users to public transport. In addition, a transition to electric buses – preferably powered by 100% renewable energy – is needed. The report highlights the critical importance of analysing and understanding emissions levels through all life cycle stages of transport services when taking public policy and investment decisions.


  • Introduction to the launch webinar and the ITF’s Decarbonising Transport in India projects. Speaker: Malithi Fernando, Project Manager, ITF
  • Key recommendations and the ITF Transport LCA Tool for India. Speaker: Vatsalya Sohu, Deputy Project Manager, ITF
  • Results and key assumptions of the study. Speaker: Ravi Gadepalli, Consultant, World Bank
  • Relevance for Indian policy landscape. Speaker: Sudhendu Sinha, Advisor, NITI Aayog (TBC)
  • Relevance for industry and carbon credits programmes. Speaker: Vishal Kapoor, CEO, Convergence Energy Services Limited (TBC)
  • Key takeaways for climate-oriented financing. Speaker: Gerald Ollivier, Lead Transport Specialist, World Bank
  • Moderated questions-and-answers session. Moderator: Malithi Fernando

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This is a joint ITF and World Bank project.

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