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Logistics Observatory for Chile

Strengthening Policies for Competitiveness
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Chile’s economy has made progress over the last 20 years and its per capita income more than doubled during this time to be the highest in Latin America. As an open economy, Chile relies heavily on trade for its economic growth. Well-functioning logistics both domestically and internationally is a necessary precondition of national competitiveness. Lower transport and logistics costs would improve domestic firms' competitiveness, boost exports and diversify production and trade patterns.

A logistics observatory has a potential to strengthen decision-making. Understanding logistics performance is essential for evaluation and determination of transport and trade facilitation policies. A set of Key Performance Indicators are essential to advance these policies. This report was prepared to help the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile in developing a statistical centre for freight transport. It identifies the role of the logistics observatory, its Key Performance Indicators and a potential implementation plan. Strong governance and leadership, combined with good technical capability from a core team and stable, long-term funding are critical for the success of the observatory. 

This report is part of the International Transport Forum’s Case-Specific Policy Analysis series. These are topical studies on specific issues carried out by the ITF in agreement with local institutions.

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