Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Maritime Research

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Commercial Navigation Along the Northern Sea Route

Discussion Paper, 13 November 2020

  • Karel van Hussen
    Ecorys Netherlands B.V. Rotterdam
  • Twan de Korte
    Ecorys Netherlands B.V. Rotterdam
  • Rick Janse
    Ecorys Netherlands B.V. Rotterdam
  • Onno de Jong
    Ecorys Netherlands B.V. Rotterdam
  • Marten van den Bossche
    Ecorys Netherlands B.V. Rotterdam
Maritime, Sustainability, Environment, Freight, Logistics

The “New Normal” in Liner Shipping: Are Policies Fit for Purpose?

Presentation, slides, speech, 12 November 2020

  • Olak Merk
    International Transport Forum
Maritime, Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand, Freight, Logistics

Maritime Policy Insights

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Navigating Towards Cleaner Maritime Shipping

Case-Specific Policy Analysis, 16 November 2020

  • Increase the energy efficiency of new and existing ships.
  • Leverage public sector procurement to stimulate the electrification of short-distance shipping.
  • Introduce regulations on lifecycle emissions of maritime fuels.
  • Put in place carbon pricing for shipping and policies that can reduce the carbon content of shipping fuels.
  • Advance the discussion on market-based mechanisms at the International Maritime Organization.
  • Launch pilot projects to gain experience with new fuels and accelerate the adoption of safety guidelines.
Maritime, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Environment, Infrastructure