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Rail Research

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Women’s Safety and Security new

Case-Specific Policy Analysis, 24 October 2018

Public Transport, Rail, Road, Safety, Security, Health

The Investigation of Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture

Discussion Paper, 11 August 2017

  • Simon French
    Rail Accident Investigation Branch, UK
  • Tabitha Steel
    Rail Accident Investigation Branch, UK
All Transport, Rail, Safety, Security, Health

Rail Policy Insights

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Establishing Mexico’s Regulatory Agency for Rail Transport

Case-Specific Policy Analysis, 29 February 2016

  • Any reform of the rail concessioning system must preserve the current high level of performance.
  • Accept price discrimination to ensure efficiency, with the regulatory agency to adjudicate what prices are reasonable.
  • Focus regulation on cases where effective competition does not already exist.
  • Collect adequate financial and operating data on the rail companies as the basis for effective regulatory decisions.
  • Consider cutting the cost of regulation by including an arbitration mechanism in any further regulatory reform.
  • Consider inter-switching rules in any further regulatory reform.
  • Interchange traffic rights should not be expected to be used for shippers to specify routes.
  • Resource the new regulator with sufficient expertise to convince the courts that its decisions are sound.
Freight, Logistics, Other Topics, Rail