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Rail Research

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Influence of ICT on Public Transport Use and Behaviour in Seoul

Discussion Paper, 22 February 2019

  • Sungwon Lee
    Korea Transport Institute
  • Gyeng Chuk Kim
    Korea Transport Institute
  • Seung Kook Wu
    Korea Transport Institute
  • Jieun Oh
    Korea Transport Institute
Public Transport, Rail, Road, Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand, Urban

Rail Policy Insights

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Regulatory Capacity Building

Case-Specific Policy Analysis, 8 November 2018

  • Favour the use of confidential contracts.
  • Consider the use of arbitration.
  • Reinforce legal capacity.
  • Develop financial accounting and reporting requirements.
  • Consider adapting the standard North American financial reporting form for Mexico.
  • Develop a standard waybill.
  • Develop a waybill sample data collection and analysis system.
  • Determine the structure of the waybill sample.
  • Choose a contractor to process waybills.
  • Establish a network modelling process to generate traffic flow analyses.
Infrastructure, Investment, Pricing, Taxation, Rail