Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

SIPA-T Mongolia Repository

  • Brochure
  • Project deliverables
    • Findings & Recommendations
      itf_sipa_mng_findings.pdfThe synthesis of the study results, including key policy recommendations, background information on the modelling tool and scenario design, and main modelling results with impacts per scenario and policy direction.
    • Urban Mobility Tool for Ulaanbaatar
      itf_sipa_mng_ulaanbaatarmobilitymodel.xlsmThis intuitive modelling tool aims to support decision-makers for quickly assessing a set of policy measures on urban passenger transport. It especially allows to estimate the development of mobility in Ulaanbaatar and to test various policy measures targeting the decarbonisation of passenger transport. The model projects travel demand and corresponding emissions up to 2050 under three standard scenarios: Baseline, Current Policies and Climate Ambition. The users can also create alternative scenarios and assess the efficiency of custom policy packages.
      itf_sipa_mng_usermanual.pdfThe user manual for Ulaanbaatar's Urban Mobility Model. A step-by-step guide on how to use the modelling tool, change its inputs, build alternative policy scenarios and extract outputs, with real use cases adapted to the level of expertise of the user in manipulating models.
  • Dissemination event
    itf_sipa_mng_dissemination_agenda.pdfAgenda for the Dissemination event of SIPA-T in Mongolia
    • Overview of Low-carbon Urban Policy
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s1_p1.pdfPolicy Recommendations of the SIPA-T Mongolia Project for Ulaanbaatar - Guineng Chen, ITF
    • In-focus Policy Dialogue – Part 1: What are the strengths and missing elements of Ulaanbaatar’s current sustainable mobility agenda?
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s2_p1.pdfResults of the ITF Current Policies Scenario for Ulaanbaatar - Mallory Trouvé, ITF
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s2_p2.pdfDecarbonization of Public city Transport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Gotov Dugerjav, Mongolian University of Science and Technology
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s2_p3.pdfUlaanbaatar Sustainable Urban Transport Project - Bulgaa Khurelbaatar, the World Bank
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s2_p3_mn.pdfUlaanbaatar Sustainable Urban Transport Project, version in Mongolian - Bulgaa Khurelbaatar, the World Bank
    • In-focus Policy Dialogue – Part 2: What is the successful pathway to reaching the climate goal for urban mobility in Ulaanbaatar?
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s3_p1.pdfResults of the ITF Climate Ambition Scenario for Ulaanbaatar - Mallory Trouvé, ITF
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s3_p2_mn.pdfDecarbonisation action plans for Ulaanbaatar’s public transport systems, version in Mongolian - Basuuri Ch., Public Transport Department of the City of Ulaanbaatar
      itf-sipa_mng_dissemination_s3_p3.pdfSustainable Urban Transport Index for Ulaanbaatar - Erdenechimeg Eldev-Ochir, Asian Infrastructure Research Institute