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Scaling up Investments in Climate Resilience to meet the needs of Vulnerable People - COP24

2017 was not only the hottest year on record but also the costliest in terms of damages from severe weather and climate events. Followed by extreme weather continuing to claim lives and destroy livelihoods in 2018, there is an urgent need to scale up action and investment into climate resilience across and within sectors.

This roundtable will focus on identifying the actions that public, private and community actors are taking to scale up and accelerate investments to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people. It has three objectives:

  • To share how we put the needs of the most vulnerable communities at the centre of increased climate action and investment into resilience.
  • To provide an opportunity for stakeholders to set out what they have done, and most importantly what they plan to build climate resilience, putting people needs at the centre
  • To identify how we can use public finance to increase investment from the private sector and serve communities to build climate resilience.