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Public Transport

L'acquis CEMT/Principal Acts of the ECMT 1953-2003

17 October 2019

 This publication describes the main Acts of the Council of Ministers since the creation of...

Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies. National Peer Review: The Netherlands

10 May 2017

In June 1999, a team of urban travel experts along with representatives of theEuropean Conference...

Final Report

10 May 2017

From 1998 to 2001, the ECMT in co-ordination with the OECD conducted athree-year study designed to...

Improving Access to Public Transport

10 May 2017

Lack of co-ordination between local authorities and publictransport operators has been in many...

Improving Transport Accessibility for All: Guide to Good Practice

10 May 2017

Making transport vehicles and infrastructure more accessible to everyone continues to be both an...

Améliorer l’accès aux transports pour tous

10 May 2017

Rendre les véhicules de transport et les infrastructures plus accessibles pour tous continue d’être...