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Public Transport

Transport Innovations from the Global South

6 November 2019

[caption align="right"][/caption]This report seeks to open new perspectives for discussing and...

Transport Connectivity: A Gender Perspective

30 October 2019

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What is the Value of Saving Travel Time?

7 October 2019

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Polis Annual Conference 2019

27 November 2019

Alexandre Santacreu (Road Safety Policy Analyst at ITF) is a speaker in the road safety session...

Benchmarking Accessibility in Cities

5 June 2019

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Fluidtime Symposium 2019

15 May 2019

Philippe Crist, Advisor for Innovation and Foresight at ITF, is a speaker in the session How cities...

Expanding Innovation Horizons: Learning from Transport Solutions in the Global South

6 November 2019

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The Governance of Metropolitan Transport Systems

9 April 2019

The meeting aims to inform decision-makers and academics of both possibilities and limitations of...

The Influence of Technologies and Lifestyle on the Value of Time

12 November 2019

This paper looks at the roles of technologies and other factors in lifestyle choices, travel...