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ITF work on Road Safety

20 February 2020

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Latin American Ambassadors briefing

29 January 2020

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim briefs Ambassadors of Latin American countries on ITF's...

Safe Micromobility

17 February 2020

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Towards the Development of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory: 2nd Workshop

2 December 2019

Following the successful establishment and operation of the Ibero American Road Safety Observatory...

Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories High-level Meeting

7 February 2020

This high-level meeting explores the importance of reliable road safety data to develop sound road...

Safe Micromobility: Joint ITF Corporate Partnership Board and SaferCity Streets Network Workshop

15 November 2019

New forms of micromobility services are being deployed across the world using sometimes novel forms...

Assessing Regulatory Changes in the Transport Sector

25 November 2019

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