Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

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iRAP Innovation Workshop 2020: Achieving the UN Road Safety Targets by 2030

27 August 2020

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Department for Transport International Road Safety Conference

27 August 2020

The International Road Safety Conference will bring together Ministers, road safety experts and...

SaferAfrica Final Conference “Results and future perspectives for road safety in Africa”

27 August 2020

The SaferAfrica Final Conference is meant to be a major occasion to discuss future perspectives of...

ETSC Road Safety Performance Index Conference 2019

27 August 2020

Alexander Santacreu, Policy Analyst, Road Safety at ITF, is a panellist in the session How to...

ITF Transport Outlook 2019

3 February 2021

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New Directions for Data-Driven Transport Safety

12 February 2021

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Road Safety and the SDGs – What Target for 2030? International Roundtable

27 August 2020

Organised on the occasion of the Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week the Roundtable...

High Capacity Transport

11 February 2021

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