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Sustainable and Inclusive Transport: KOTI Seminar Proceedings

Proceedings of a Joint Seminar held in Seoul, Korea on 3 November 2015
Sustainable and Inclusive Transport: KOTI Seminar Proceedings cover image

The Korean Transport Institute (KOTI) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) have held joint seminars since 2010 to share knowledge and experience on topics of mutual interest as well as to strengthen mutual co-operation. The joint seminar, held in November 2015, addressed two closely related topics. The first theme was sustainable surface access to airports, in which the best practice case of Incheon international Airport was discussed alongside cases from other nations. The second theme was the development of practical indicators for measuring progress towards more sustainable and inclusive transport. Experience was reviewed internationally covering not only the largest cities where the focus is on shifting passenger transport from cars to public transport but also smaller cities where public transport options are much more limited. The seminar contributed to preparations for the 2016 ITF Summit on Green and Inclusive Transport

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