Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Briefing for OECD ambassadors

4 November 2019

ITF Secretary-General and ITF staff briefed OECD ambassadors and OECD directors on the work of the...

Two new Corporate Partners for the ITF

24 October 2019

Two new partner companies have joined the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board during the ITS World...

Shaping the future of intelligent transport

8 November 2019

Current transport systems and the policies that guide them must anticipate disruptions that...

Intermodal Transport: National Peer Review - Turkey

29 January 2018

Turkey is growing fast, owing mainly to rapidly increasing trade. In order to facilitate this trade...

Effective Transport Policies for Corporate Mobility Management

29 January 2018

Many companies and other large employers have put in place initiatives to address the traffic-...

Drugs and Driving: Detection and Deterrence

29 January 2018

Driving while impaired by drugs - whether licit or illicit - has emerged as an important road...

Stimulating Low-Carbon Vehicle Technologies

29 January 2018

Governments around the world are increasingly intervening in automobile markets to improve fuel...

Improving the Practice of Transport Project Appraisal

2 January 2018

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is indispensable for making good decisions on what transport projects...

Moving Freight with Better Trucks

29 January 2018

The purpose of this report is to identify potential improvements in terms of more effective safety...

Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health

22 January 2018

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