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Taking stock of regional policies to promote sustainable aviation fuels

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

This webinar showcases flagship sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) policies from the leading aviation markets of the United States and the European Union as well as from emerging aviation markets. 

SAF are a pillar of the aviation sector’s strategy to reach its decarbonisation objectives. Today’s share of SAF in aviation fuel consumption is negligible, yet recent announcements from governments and the industry set the scene for strong growth in use within the next decade that could make SAFs the dominant fuel in leading aviation markets by 2050.

The webinar explores the following questions in presentations and open discussions:

  • Where is the SAF sector now and what are its mid- and long-term deployment targets?
  • How do policies promote cost reductions and support producers to scale up volumes?
  • Which economic and regulatory instruments will support airlines to switch to SAF?
  • How do policies prioritise SAF production pathways with the largest mitigation potential?


  • Gregoire Le Comte, European Commission, DG MOVE, European Union
  • Nathan Brown, Federal Aviation Authority, United States
  • Alejandro Ríos Galván, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

Moderator: Ingrid Cherfils, Swedish Transport Agency, Sweden

The webinar is organised under International Transport Forum’s Decarbonising Transport (DT) initiative as part of the DT Implement project. DT Implement supports countries in their transition to low-carbon transport systems and targets three hard-to-decarbonise sectors: heavy-duty road freight, shipping and aviation.


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