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Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (CORIM) Luncheon Speech by Young Tae Kim

15 April 2019

Young Tae Kim, ITF Secretary-General will speak on Global Efforts for the Mobility of Tomorrow...

Global Climate Action Transport Initiatives Meeting

11 April 2019

Wei-Shiuen Ng, Advisor – Sustainable Transport and Global Outreach at ITF will present the status...

The Governance of Metropolitan Transport Systems

9 April 2019

The meeting aims to inform decision-makers and academics of both possibilities and limitations of...


5 April 2019

Modelling International Transport and Related CO2 Mitigation Measures

4 April 2019

This workshop aims to develop a list of priority policy measures for mitigating CO2 emissions from...

Connectivity of Small Populations in Remote Communities Roundtable meeting

26 March 2019

The Roundtable will:Examine the factors that matter to adequately connect small, remote communities...

Deep emissions reduction for transport

18 March 2019

Currently, foreseeable policies to mitigate transport CO2 are not sufficient to achieve global...

Improving Transport Planning and Investment Through the Use of Accessibility Indicators

25 March 2019

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Quantifying Private and Foreign Investment in Transport Infrastructure

19 March 2019

This report quantifies private and foreign investment in transport infrastructure by sub-sectors in...