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Élargir les horizons: Les Assises économie de la mer 2019

2 December 2019

The Assises is the most important annual conference on maritime transport in France, hosting this...

Feport Fifth Annual Stakeholders’ Conference

27 November 2019

Olaf Merk (Project Manager, Ports and Shipping at ITF) is a panellist presenting insights from the...

Agorà Confetra 2019

12 November 2019

The conference is the annual assembly of Confetra, association of Italian logistics companies. The...

Cruise 2030 Call for Action

7 November 2019

Representatives of some of the main European cruise ports will meet in Venice to discuss the...

Fair Shipping Conference

4 November 2019

Olaf Merk, Project Manager, Ports and Shipping at ITF participates as a panellist and presents key...

Container Trade Europe

17 September 2019

Olaf Merk, Administrator, Ports and Shipping at ITF will speak on EU Maritime Regulations: Are we...

Maritime Subsidies: Do They Provide Value for Money?

18 September 2019

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