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The Impact of Alliances in Container Shipping

13 November 2018

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How can multimodal connectivity and digital platforms turn trade into a growth engine? 4th Feport Annual Stakeholders' Conference

5 November 2018

Olaf Merk, Administrator at ITF will present the main findings of ITF’s latest report on Data...

Inland Waterways, Transport Corridors and Urban Waterfronts

20 November 2018

This paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of integrating inland waterways into transport...

Decarbonising Maritime Transport Workshop

22 January 2019

As part of the ITF Decarbonising Transport initiative, this workshop gathered policy makers,...

Shaping the Future of Argentina's Container Ports

3 October 2018

Argentina currently has an opportunity to redesign its containerised freight transport system. The...

Container Port Strategy Roundtable

20 November 2018

The most competitive ports of the future will be those that most effectively accommodate...

Container Ship Size and Port Relocation

28 September 2018

This paper analyses the impacts of ever-larger ships on location choices for new container ports...

Traffic Planning in Port-Cities

28 September 2018

Port container trucking is currently one of the most challenging aspects of the love-hate...