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The Influence of Technologies and Lifestyle on the Value of Time

26 February 2019

This paper looks at the roles of technologies and other factors in lifestyle choices, travel...

Influence of ICT on Public Transport Use and Behaviour in Seoul

18 March 2019

This paper explores the impact that advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have...

Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia

8 March 2019

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Rail's sustainable chain of mobility

11 December 2018

Railways are an essential part of our transport systems. Rail can competitively transport large...

Public Transport Governance in Greater Barcelona

12 November 2018

This paper describes the role of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) in the governance of...

Regulatory Capacity Building

3 December 2018

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Risk Allocation in Mega-Projects in Denmark

25 October 2018

This paper uses three Danish-Swedish-German transport infrastructure mega-projects - the Storebælt...

Women’s Safety and Security

24 October 2018

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The Billion Dollar Question

9 November 2018

This paper puts numbers on the investment needs for urban transport infrastructure under different...