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The Danish State Guarantee Model for Infrastructure Investment

23 October 2018

This paper describes the model of infrastructure delivery and management known as the Danish State...

Key Transport Statistics 2018 (2017 Data)

5 June 2018

[caption align="right"][[{"fid":"19091","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","...

Celebrating 30 years of CER

23 April 2018

Young Tae Kim, ITF Secretary-General, will join the panel discussion "30 years of CER and EU...

10th UIC Congress on High-speed Rail

2 March 2018

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim will speak at Round Table 2 on "How can high-speed rail (re)...

The ITF Modelling Framework

1 March 2019

The International Transport Forum has developed a set of modelling tools to build its own forward-...

ITF Transport Outlook Project

15 March 2019


Jousting with Dragons: A Resilience Engineering approach to managing SMS in the transport sector

27 February 2019

System resilience is the ability for complex, dynamic-adaptive socio-technical systems to absorb...