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Can New Urban Mobility Cut Energy Use and CO2 Emissions?

8 January 2020

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Shared Mobility Simulations for Lyon

27 January 2020

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A Corporatised Delivery Model for the Australian Road Network

9 December 2019

This paper investigates the conditions of and argues for a shift towards a corporatised approach to...

Towards the Development of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory: 2nd Workshop

2 December 2019

Following the successful establishment and operation of the Ibero American Road Safety Observatory...

Time Use and Values of Time and Reliability in the Netherlands

28 November 2019

This paper compares the survey results of three value of travel time (VTT) surveys conducted in the...

ITF at Russian Transport Week

22 November 2019

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim and Russian Federation's Deputy Minister of Transport Alexey...

Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories Workshop

23 January 2020

This workshop explores the importance of reliable road safety data to develop sound road...