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Advancing Asian road safety

25 March 2019

Measuring road safety performance is essential to be able to follow progress regarding the road...

Smart Use of Roads

4 July 2019

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Group on Road Transport meets in The Hague

20 March 2019

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim held bilateral talks with Netherlands State Secretary for...

Development of a Regional Road Safety Observatory in Asia Workshop

19 March 2019

Following the successful establishment and operation of the Ibero American Road Safety Observatory...

Updated Estimates of the Relationship Between the Business Cycle and Traffic Fatalities

4 July 2019

This paper updates analyses of the relationship between fluctuations of the business cycle and the...

The Influence of Technologies and Lifestyle on the Value of Time

12 November 2019

This paper looks at the roles of technologies and other factors in lifestyle choices, travel...

Influence of ICT on Public Transport Use and Behaviour in Seoul

9 October 2019

This paper explores the impact that advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have...

Reaching lasting results for global road safety

4 September 2019

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