Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim leads the ITF team on mission to the annual Transportation Research Board in Washington D.C.

ITF participates in the following events

Monday 13 January

8.00-9.45       ITF IRTAD-NHTSA  Event: Analysis of International Road Safety Data  (Venue 103B)

  • Stephen Perkins speaks on Road Safety Performance in ITF IRTAD Countries and Cities of the Safer City Streets Network,, International Transport Forum
  • Alexandre Santacreu speaks on Safety of Micro Mobility

8.00-9.45      What's Next for Brexit  (Venue 140A)

  •  Jagoda Egeland speaks 

8.00-9.45      Modeling Intercity Travel: Can Big Data Bring Air and Surface Modes Together  (Lectern Session 1096)

  •  Philippe Crist speaks on Approaches to Owning Big Data in Europe

10.15-12.00  Subcommittee Facilitating Cooperative International Agreements Independence (Venue Salon C M4 Marriott)  with the participation of Stephen Perkins

17:00-19:45   SLoCaT Annual Partnership Meeting  (Venue World Resources Institute, Harmon Center, 10 G Street NE, Suite 800)

Tuesday 14 January

10.15-12.00  Adoption of Emerging Mobility Services and Other Disruptive Technologies: An International Perspective  (Venue Lectern Session 1441)

  • Philippe Crist speaks on Micromobility: Regulatory and Safety Issues in Europe

13:30–15:15  Leading the way in Transport Decarbonization (Venue CC 147A) with the participation of Jari Kauppila

14.30-16.30  ITF Event: Is Micro-mobility Sustainable Mobility? (Venue OECD Washington Centre, 1776 I Street NW, Suite 450)

15.45-17.30  Mobility as a Service and Mobility on Demand Contributions to Sustainability and Decarbonization (Venue: Lectern Session 1575)

  •  Philippe Crist speaks on the International Perspectives on MaaS


Wednesday 15 January

08.30-15.30  SuM4All Annual Meeting with the participation of Young Tae Kim, Mary Crass and Jari Kauppila

10:15-12:00 Intersections among Safety, Speed, Design, and Decarbonization

  • Stephen Perkins speaks on Speed Reduction, CO2 Emissions, and Latest Crash and Safety Research         

Thursday 16 January

10.00-11.30  Transforming Transportation (TT20) Economic Empowerment through Accessibility for All (venue Preston Auditorium, World Bank)

  •  ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim is presenting


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