Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2018

ITF experts will be speaking/presenting in the following sessions:

Sunday, 7 January

13:30-16:30  Accessibility Indicators that improve Equity: Workshop 149, Mind the Gap: Can Inclusive Cities Bridge Social Equity Disparities? (Aimee Aguilar and Dimitrios Papaioannou) 

Monday, 8 January

8:00-9:45   International Perspectives in Airport System Planning for Capital Cities. Lectern Session 236, Convention Center, 144C (Jagoda Egeland)

8:00-9:45   Are Transport Users Willing to Share? Focus Groups and Stated Preferences Study on Shared Mobility in Auckland, New Zealand; Dublin, Ireland; and Helsinki, Finland:  Lectern session 231, Shared Mobility: Equity, Adoption, and Tools for Management (Olga Petrik)

8:00-9:45   Accessibility in Cities Across the World: An Attempt to Create a Global Urban Accessibility Framework: Poster session 242, Geographic Information Science and Applications (Dimitrios Papaioannou)

10:15-12:00  Evaluating the Effect of Public Transit Quality Elements on Mode Choice: Poster session 304, Innovations in Transportation Demand Management (Dimitrios Papaioannou)

15.45-17.30  Geopolitics and Commercial Aviation: the Skies the Bind, Lectern Session 440, Convention Center, 147B (Jagoda Egeland)

15.45-17.30  Understanding Urban Travel Behavior by Gender, Lectern Session 401, Convention Center, 204A, Global Perspective of Gender Differences and Travel Patterns (Mary Crass)

Tuesday, 9 January 

8:00-9:45   Non-urban Passenger Travel Demand and CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective: Poster session 519, Perspectives on Transportation and Sustainability (Guineng Chen)

10:15-12:00  Supply Chain Security Subcommittee, Presentation on Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Supply Chains, Marriott Marquis, Liberty I (M4) (Stephen Perkins)

10:15-12:00  Visualizing Accessibility in Cities: Lectern Session 529, Visualization Lightning Talks (Jari Kauppila)

15.45-17.30  Measuring Access to Health Care and Education by Car and Public Transport in 18 Cities Across the World, Poster Session 712, The World of Transportation Planning Applications (Dimitrios Papaioannou) 

18:00-20:00  GFEI, Vehicles: Can they really be cleaner, greener and safer? A practical perspective from 3 global initiatives, Marriott Marquis Salon F (Stephen Perkins)

Wednesday, 10 January

09:30-10:10  Country & City Perspective on the Action Stream, SuM4All Fourth Consortium meeting, The World Bank (ITF Secretary-General Young-Tae Kim moderator)

10:15-12:00  Analysis of International Road Safety Data, Convention Center, Salon B (Veronique Feypell and Stephen Perkins)

14:30-16:00  Measuring Aviation System Performance: Role in Decision Making and Data Needs, Lectern Session 836, Convention Center, 154 (Jagoda Egeland)


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