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UNFCCC COP26 Side Event: Decarbonising Transport: Driving Implementation Actions and Turning Targets into a Transformation

11:30 - 12:45 GMT | Strangford Lough (Armadillo), Blue Zone

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The transport sector is responsible for 24 per cent of direct energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and this percentage is even higher when taking into account vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure construction.  The sector remains directly dependent on oil for 92 per cent of its energy end-use, which also makes it especially challenging to decarbonise. The International Transport Forum (ITF) modelling scenarios and the GFEIs latest benchmarking study which will be released at this side event show that current policy actions and plans to decarbonise transport are insufficient to meet international CO2 reduction targets, despite the importance of the transport sector to achieve climate goals.

However, there are encouraging signals from the political prioritization of the transition to EVs by the current COP26 Presidency, to signs of a cost-effective transition towards low-carbon energy sources on which we must now capitalise.

The path to achieving this solution on a truly global scale is not an easy one and will need concerted and coordinated efforts from Governments, companies and consumers to support the necessary changes. This side event will highlight success stories of strategic and innovative ways to decarbonise and transform the transport sector. It will also identify challenges and synergies in developing and developed countries across the sector, and the support necessary for the global transformation to decarbonise transport.

The GFEI Zero Pathway report - which will be launched at this side event – will also offer a unique insight into those challenges as they apply to a range of different countries outside of the leading economies. The ITF’s Decarbonising Transport (DT) Implement project on hard to abate sectors, which will also be shared in this session will offer similar insights into sectors such as heavy-duty road freight transport, shipping and aviation which will encounter greater challenges to achieve a cost-effective transition.

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